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About The Place

The Place is a state-of-the-art 54,000 sq ft establishment that opened in August 2016 in the heart of Chesterfield Valley. The facility is equipped with a wide variety of unit sizes and opportunities for anyone to customize and create their very own space for cars, boats, RVs and more.  All 34 units have been sold to private owners.  The Clubhouse and other common elements are owned in common by the Unit Owners.


The Mission

The Place is designed to be an extension of an owner's personal garage. These condominium suites are completely private and utilized for recreational use. The large facility offers 24-hour secured access including a gated entrance with video surveillance.

The Place requires private ownership to emphasize our focus of recreation and community. There is a recreational clubhouse for members to enjoy the bar, pool table, ping pong table, shuffleboard and more. This provides an inviting space that is suited for meeting with friends, family, or other owners.

24/7 Security

The Place offers a secured and gated facility with video surveillance and controlled access.


Fully Equipped Units

Each unit can be climate controlled and equipped with electricity, plumbing and wi-fi allowing the owner to customize to their recreational pursuits.



Socialize with others who share your interests for cars, boats and RVs. This space creates a fun environment to entertain guests. 

The Finishing

Each unit is fully-customizable to the owner's desire.  Owners have added custom flooring, wall coverings, lifts for real-time repairs, and mezzanines for additional storage and comfortable relaxation.  In addition, each unit has wi-fi access for remote security, climate control and video streaming. 

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